Check out our volunteer opportunities to make a difference to the Southland environment

​Environment Southland offers a number of positions for students over the summer, working across council on a range of projects.

Summer students are a common sight around Environment Southland during the warmer months, there to lend a hand with ongoing projects and gain work experience in their field of study. 
While most of the students hail from tertiary institutions in Southland and Otago, the opportunity has attracted students from Massey and Auckland University as well.  The relationship between council and summer students is mutually beneficial, and can also provide students with a vital "foot in the door" to their relevant fields.
Students are employed throughout council, from I.T to accounting, but the bulk of students are lending a hand out in the field, with biosecurity and science projects. Electric fishing, wetland planting and weed surveys are just a few examples. 
Traditionally, summer is the busiest period for science and environmental data staff, with multiple summer monitoring programmes underway, so the students help relieve the workload pressure.
In return, they get work experience, exposure to regional council processes, which is beneficial to future career decisions. ​
Does this sound like you? Applications are typically called for in September, so check our current vacancies around that time for more information.
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